Our week 15-21 September

We’ve all been ill this week with coughs and colds so school has been a half-hearted affair :-(.  At the beginning of the week, before we all fell ill, we spent a day with some home-educating friends, Caroline, Toby and Zachary.  We went to Wimpole Hall and had a lovely walk around the walled garden, which in the sun still gave a glimpse of summer amidst all the wet and windy weather we’ve had recently.


We read ’10 Black Dots’ this week.

Ten Black Dots

This is a simple book, aimed more at Isaac and Lydia than Edward but we all enjoyed the activity together.  We read the book then attempted to recreate our own with some dot stickers (red and blue, not black!).  Edward did this with me two years ago and this time, wanted to make his own book alone.  What he produced – entitled ’10 Red Dots’ was excellent.  He thought of some fantastic ideas – 8 red dots as cones on a busy road, 9 red dots as balls juggled by a clown.

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