Day 1

Day 1 of ‘the great experiment’ and we’ve survived 😉  Looking back on the day this evening, there has been much to encourage.  As I thought, Isaac is ideal material for this sort of approach: he literally buzzes with ideas all day long!  This morning, he came to me with a book called How Things Work, wanting to make something from it.  While it is a wonderful book, the contraptions in it all require quite complex materials (the one he wanted to make needed rubber tubing, which we don’t have to hand).  In response, I gave him another book called Explore Simple Machines to see if that would spark his interest (I bought this a while ago with the intention of using it with him but haven’t due to time).

Happily, he was immediately taken with it and spotted a picture of a shaduf (we read about this last week in The Story of the World) in the levers chapter.  Although this wasn’t actually one of the projects in the book, it looked doable so we spent an hour in the garden making one.  Edward and Lydia both got involved in finding the sticks and Isaac was so excited – it was really lovely.

Lydia went inside and got an empty wet toilet wipes container, filled it with water and brought it out for one of her favourite activities – cleaning!  She loves doing this at the moment, so brought a wipe and started cleaning the car.  Once Isaac had played with his shaduf for a while, he wanted a wipe container too.  I found an old tablet container in the recycling box so he joined in cleaning the car.

Over lunch, we listened to a CD of Grimms’ Fairy Tales (Hansel and Gretel) then I read more of Little House in the Big Woods.  While the younger ones had their naps, Edward and I played with a wooden labyrinth maze game.

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