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Holiday in Cornwall


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Weekly round-up: Museums galore!

We’ve been away for the past week, visiting relatives.  It’s been lovely to see people but quite a trek – to Leeds, New Brighton, Southport and Stockport in four days.  It was lovely to introduce Carys to family members who … Continue reading

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Sometimes it just doesn’t go to plan…

We have Family Worship each evening after dinner.  Recently, Andrew bought a CD with songs of different verses from the Bible as an aid for the children learning them.  Yesterday we learned about the Golden Rule: doing to others what … Continue reading

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Theological discussions with a 5 year old

A conversation in the car yesterday… Edward: Can we see God? Me: Not now, no. Edward:  But we’ll see God when we die? Me: Yes, we’ll see him when we die. Edward: Can we see a picture of Him? Me: … Continue reading

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Summer holiday

We had a wonderful holiday in north Devon for two weeks in September, staying in a cottage near Woollacombe.

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Why doesn’t everyone talk like this?

I read Time for Bed by Mem Fox to Isaac every evening before bed.  He likes to comment on which animals are awake and which ones are asleep (based on whether he can see their eyes).  This evening, when he saw the picture … Continue reading

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Toddler Talk

A few weeks ago, Isaac entered a phase that is best described as vocabulary explosion.  I remember this stage from when Edward was a toddler and I love it!  Every day he is saying new words and putting words together to make … Continue reading

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