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The irresistable attraction of puddles

On our walk today, the ground was waterlogged after all the rain we’ve had recently so it was puddle-heaven! Edward and Isaac had a wonderful time splashing in the puddles, throwing pebbles in the water and testing how deep the … Continue reading

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Owls and Doves

Andrew took Edward and Isaac for a walk today and they saw a barn owl hunting in a field.  After watching it circle and swoop for a while, Edward said “That’s a dove” because of the white colouring.  Andrew explained … Continue reading

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A new member of the family

Lydia Mary Ann was born at home on the 16th of this month at 4.24am, weighing 8lb 8oz.  She is an absolute delight and we are thrilled to welcome this precious new addition to our family.  Edward is excited to have … Continue reading

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Edward has been asking lots of questions about electricity (how does the light work?; how can birds sit on electric wires without getting hurt?).  I managed to get hold of this great book ‘Switch on switch off’, which explains electricity for younger … Continue reading

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Home Ed Group

Since embarking on our home education journey, I’ve joined several internet fora and a few home ed groups in the surrounding area.  The one we’ve had most to do with has bi-weekly outings, including one per month in the Chapel … Continue reading

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